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• 7 months•
08 December 2014

today makes Eden's 7th month old. Time really flies. 1 year ago he is still in my womb growing and kicking. and now, he is literally growing and kicking outside the womb! He has been a great son, grandson and a cheerful baby. All babies will have their cranky side when they aren't comfortable. anyways, now that he starts imitating what the adults do, it's starting to come with small discipline. When he didn't get what he wants, he will cry till his face turns red. But I know I should never give in to his cries like that. It's really challenging being a mommy. Really. You need to know your child really well, and many a times, I wish to give up everything I'm struggling right now to have the time for him. I don't mind being a housewife, seriously. To mend the house, to prepare the kids, and to kicks up my hobby. But then again, I'm not born with loads of money in my bank. So I still gonna fight hard. I need to strike a balance. Afterall, he is my son, I ought to give him the best I can.. Signing off with: happy 7 mth old, Eden Chua! 

• Up-deads•
28 October 2014

Oh seriously this space feels so dead! I better revive it today with a post. The emptiness in this space simply tells you the amount of commitments that I'm having and life have been too busy to stop and rest. 

While everyone else around my age is more or less quite settled with their career, I'm just about to start building up mine. It really takes A LOT of courage to leave our comfort zone and I'm doing it now, not joking. For having a bigger dreams that I know I must at least step into it before I die this life. One of the list in my bucket list. Business is not what I look at it, creation is what it means to me. 

I'm right now at the most challenging stage of being in my uncomfortable zone. I may fall during this period, I may leap through and see the brighter side of life. I don't know. Focus on what I need to do to succeed, and not focus on what I want to achieve. 

It's extra challenging in life right now that I also wanna see my precious son grow up, and being with him at every of his growing milestones. I always wish I have 48hrs a day. The thought about having lesser sleep to complete more things a day came into my mind before. But my concious remind me about my health, and my health to be there for my son 24/7! 

I'm stretched, I'm really stretched this time. But I know that rainbow is over at the very end of this journey.. I can do it, I will be there!

• my bundle of joy•
07 August 2014

and those joy are endless. just talking about watching his growing process, it makes me wanna be a better mother each time. Eden has been a strong boy. I can say, now coming into his third babyhood month, we both have been through a lot of things together. there are things only both of us understands, and nobody else's do. I love our dialogue via those "ang-gu-gu" languages and what not. I know that what ever happens to him, he will have his mummy always right beside him. 

frankly speaking, it's just three months. I know it's very hard for me to separate from him already. sometimes I have to be out the whole day and my heart and my mind is always be with Eden. I always have an urge to rush home every single busy day, to be home to accompany him. I wonder how I'll survive going back to working life in the hospital. the thought of it dreads me deadly. I really don't know if I should take the no-pay-leave. I mean seriously I'm having difficulty parting from my baby during daytime... 

• student•
01 July 2014

And yes, I'm a student once again! For this time round, it feels real exciting and awesome to be a student because I'm studying in NAFA. I've been wanting to enroll in their photography course since two years ago. But due to life commitments, I've pushed back my plans. And finally this year, I'm able to join the course. This part time course is only stretch over 5 months. And I'll be graduating in November this year. Isn't it short?

Today is my first day of class and I'm totally overwhelmed already. First session is really back to basic where films come into place. I'm asked to buy a SLR camera for the lessons and I seriously can't wait to own one myself. I'll be targeting on Nikon F90 or F100. I've been to the school's Darkroom and it's totally so cool. I finally get to develop my own negatives. I just can't wait to learn more along the way. It's time to unlearn and relearn.

Second lesson will be out of school where we will be shooting for assignments alr. And by the end of 10 weeks, our photos will be critique. Having learn so much from my Mentor, it's time I work hard for a good grades to show him how much I fair. I know I will enjoy this learning process, because I'm picking up my passion into studies! 

• updates•
19 June 2014

And I seriously think it's time for some updates! I've been neglecting life quite a bit because everything is about Baby Eden. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Well, I supposed he is at his most fragile part of his life now that really needs lots of securities, comfort and care from all of us. And I'm spending my most of my avail moments with him, and making sure he is well and healthy! That's what I cared the most. 

Being a first time mummy, there are many things to learn. Not just about nursing the baby, but even time management is very crucial. How many times baby poos, when is the next feeding time, how many diaper he change, when is his next immunization date... and the list goes on and on and on... 

Personal development is something I've always looking into and every single year I'll definitely sign up courses to upgrade myself. These courses are definitely something that interests me and I've got them all planned throughout the coming years. Now that I'm done with NLP, I'm glad I'm gg back to school soon. I've enrolled myself into NAFA part time photography course and will be starting school end of the month. I'm really excited for the start of school because this course has been planned out over the past 2years. I'm glad I'm finally in it! The school fees are pretty cheap. And the reason why I'm taking up the course is because there are things I know I've no chance to get exposed to, that will be taught in the school. So I believe by going through the whole course, I'll be nicely exposed to photography in all aspects. 

Preparation for my photography business is still in progress. Hopefully one year later, I'll be able to leave nursing for a bigger dream of mine! 

• My last baby bump Day•
07 May 2014

• Predicted the Unpredicted•
06 May 2014

Have been experiencing "false alarms" since Labour Day. Those contractions wasn't like what I read in books, that stays for almost a minute. The contractions are more consistent and doesn't comes back after a while. Ever since labour day, every day I would have those "false alarm". And just yesterday, while I'm watching Spider-Man 2, I felt the contraction 3 times. 

Finally went for my Gynae Appt this morning and I was shocked when Dr Kenneth break the news to us! My cervix is 2cm dilated already. And I'm scheduled for delivery this coming Thursday. I knew it! I've got an anxious baby who can't wait to see the world. I've predicted that he will be born earlier than EDD. But never have I imagine it to be that early. 

He is at an acceptable weight now, and Thursday he will be in his week 37- full term. Hopefully he waits till Thursday! And my hubby spent the whole noon doing up the last preparation for the arrival of our new bundle joy! 

Baby Eden!! We are finally meeting!!! Thanks for planning to be out early, to celebrate Mother's Day with me.. Thank you, baby Eden! :)

• The Gift•
05 May 2014

Everytime when we sit down together, having our personal time going through the days when we first met till where we are today, we will end up in tears. Tears of contentment. 

Life over the years hasn't been a smooth sailing one but the process of going through every obstacles made us stronger. And this year, counting our 7th year. There were many anchoring events along the way that happened which we will strongly recalled and laugh! 

Last night, as usual, Hubby was talking to Baby Eden through my tummy. He told him how badly daddy and mummy have been waiting for his arrival, and he is a little gift for the both of us.. It was a touching night, that brought tears into my sleep. I feel so blessed. I'm grateful I have my hubby with me through those thick and thin moments in life. Life is great! Life is complete...

Thank you, Hubby Chua.. 

• 29•
30 April 2014

We are really excited and it's time to count down.. 29days or less for Baby Eden's arrival. And probably another 5 more days of working and I'm going to start my maternity leave. Because by then I'll be full term and I seriously need a good rest. The thought about working till labour is definitely not my type of idea. Who wants to work half way and rush to labour with everything unprepared? And if I have to work till labour, it would probably means delivery in SGH.. Please no, Thanks! That's my own preference. 

Well, we have managed to buy everything needed for the arrival of baby Eden. And I'm glad the whole family comes in to help out with the preparation. Everyone is excited and looking forward and I'm so grateful. I have my sister in law who has been shopping online for baby clothes and buying many necessities for baby Eden. She even accompany for talks and grabbing free gifts and squeezing through many baby fairs to stock up baby items. Not forgetting the weekly bird nest that she cooked for me. I've got Hubby's aunts who made tonics for me. The in laws who gives me moral support, laugh with me when baby Eden gets so naughty in my tummy, and who have been there to ferry me to and off work on my last trimester. Thankful for mummy who has help me get all the tonics and brew them. She even came out with a schedule for me to follow. Thanks to all the friends and colleagues who have been really concern and caring. 

There's just too many people around me who have been so helpful during my preggy journey. It's too long a list to list everyone down. You know who you are! And I'm so so so grateful I'm getting lots of support from everywhere! Once again, a BIG thank you! I really appreciate it!! 

• Last journey•
16 April 2014

I've finally came to the last trimester. I know I have been neglecting this space for a long time. And I'm feeling guilty for not completing my post all the time and I've ended up having incomplete drafts that's in the archive. Anyways, been on regular gynae checkups and monitoring Baby Eden's movement, facial features and his position. For the past 3 Gynae session, Dr Kenneth told me that Eden is still in breach position and not ready for delivery. It was told to us that he needs to engage in his position by week 36 otherwise I have to go through Ceasarean. It was quite worrisome for me and Ray when we realized baby wasn't much cooperative. 

But after yesterday's scan, we were all at eased. Baby Eden has finally engaged in position at week 34! It's a blessing that everything has been smooth so far. I'm on my last lap awaiting for baby Eden to arrive. I'm glad that the I'm having lots of support from the whole family, and many of my friends. Thanks for all the concern and guidance along this 9month journey with me and baby Eden. Let's count down to his arrival!! 

There's really many grateful moments happening lately and it's just a long list to list them all here. I believe friends who follow me in Instagram and FB will know. 

Just wanna emphasized a lil' more on Baby Eden. I'm thankful that he is healthy and active. Thank you for being with mummy over the past 9 months, and thank you for being such a good boy. Thank you for creating that suspense with mummy and daddy for not showing your face during the many 3D scans we have done. I'm super thankful that you will soon be one family member add on.. It's exactly 6 weeks to your arrival, and thank you for being a strong baby! Mummy loves you.. 

• time to blog•
22 February 2014

Yes, it time to update my blog again. Not planning to let this space die off, because it's my personal space to speak my mind..

Not gonna talk about baby chua this time.. Anyway, he is real healthy and kicking! Just came back from expo baby fair, and made a total damage of almost $500. There's so many things to buy for a newborn! From mummy's breast pump, to sterilizer, to milk bottle, to bathing mat, and what is the best washing solution and the list goes on and on and on. I'm really blessed to have my dearest Alice, who's been meeting up with me after my wedding, and we did lots of shopping for baby's stuff. Also a BIG thanks to Weiqi who has been shopping and researching clothes and cooking bird nest for me! Life has been great and everyone seems so excited for the arrival of Baby Eden. I'm counting down my weeks to see baby Eden! And I'm sure all my friends around are as excited~~!

Anyway, Boy and I have finally started the NLP class last week. It was mind blowing as there's really a lot to learn! And in first 3 days, I've really learnt a lot. I've learnt how to be a more positive person and how to control our own emotions and thoughts. Our thoughts are really important. If we are negative with the thoughts, the outcome will definitely be negative. Also, I have found my goals in life and have been working towards my goal now. My life plan, my future, seemed to be much clearer and achievable now. And I'm glad I've made such decisions!

More up coming self development that I'm gonna take up for the next few months will be enrolling myself into NAFA. I've been wanting to enrol last year but due to wedding, I didn't get to the course. This year, I'm gonna use part of my maternity leave to do some self development to myself. And it's gonna be a step nearer into being a business owner and leave the role of an 'employee'. I know very well that being an employee, I have no say to the amount I can earn and it's frustrating when the amount you earned can't even support your own family. 

Life is gonna be slightly tougher for the next few months to come, as I'll be adding on 'parenting role' and 'student role' into my own existing role. But I'm not giving up, because I know what I'm doing and I enjoy doing them. :)

• updates•
07 February 2014

It's been a while since I blogged. Life has been good and there's nothing to complain about. Have been enjoying the whole pregnancy journey and I'm coming to ending of my 2nd trimester. Days passes weeks, weeks passes months. Both boy and I really can't wait for the arrival of Baby Chua.

We have confirm baby chua's gender and have also found the perfect name for him. He will be called Eden Chua. Lately he has been real active inside me. Drumming, kicking and boxing constantly. Especially when I'm hungry, after my meals and right before I sleep. Sometimes he wakes up earlier than me and start playing and kicking, forcing me to wake up. And everytime when hubby put his palm on my tummy to feel eden's movement, baby somehow knows that that's daddy's hand, and he will slow down his movement. 

It's really amazing. At he whole process of this pregnancy has been wonderful. Though the first trimester was quite a torture, but every Gynae checkups gives me the strength to move on because I know baby chua is growing healthily. Detailed scan was done and baby chua is really healthy. The organs, the bones, and facial features and most importantly, the genital area, has been well developed so far. 

It's time for some serious shopping for all the baby stuffs, and I really love shopping on baby clothings! The material and the size, OMG! *my fetish* Anyway, I'm entering into parental stage of life and it's gonna be a challenge! :)

• New Year Resolution•
01 January 2014

In year 2013, it's been a smooth sailing year for me. Everything was successful and awesome! Be it career, health, wealth, and relationships. Started with a success transfer to clinic based at work. With office hour timing, I'm able to spare more time over the weekend to fulfill my dreams. Manage to earn 8 photography awards so far and I'm really happy at the progression and improvement over the months. 

As of health, relatives and myself are healthy with no major problems. I'm glad my health is improving over the months too. 

In year 2013, many life events happen. Our successful wedding, and soon after, my healthy baby chua who is on the way and will be due in May. A successful honeymoon trip to New Zealand. Life has been really blessed and smooth. 

For this New Year, I wish for a smooth delivery of Baby chua. I wish for a kick start of our new business. I wish to fulfill my childhood wish for a Hotair balloon ride real soon. I wish for good health, good wealth. And lastly, more photography exposure and awards! 

Every new year, there's a need to change something to work towards. For this year, my goal is to leave my comfort zone and change my career. I'd be working towards starting my own business by 2nd half of the year. Will be attending NLP course in feb, and till then.. I'll see how things goes.. 

Happy New Year to all my readers! :)

• updates•
14 December 2013

Exactly one week to honeymoon!! gosh.. I can't wait..! Haven't been traveling this year due to wedding preps. My following baby news came in right after wedding that I have to cancel my photography trip in November. I'm glad I can finally travel next week..! 

Dr Kenneth says it's is safe for me to travel till mid April!! I can't wait to plan for another trip for next year alr. Shall see.. Anyway I'm glad I've survived through first trimester. And my condition is so much settled now. I'm so happy to know so many friends around me who is also preggy. A lot of mummies chat lately.. Just my clinic, I have 7 preggies including myself.. Haha.. Everyone very fertile.. 

Another news to share is that Ray and I are going to have a baby BOY! The last scan did last week, the ultrasound is pretty obvious. But still, the confirmation of baby gender will be in 3 weeks time. 

Right now, I'm really enjoying the process of carrying baby chua in my womb. I'll use stethoscope to hear his movement. I can start to feel his movement in my tummy as well. Because he is growing so fast and filling up the womb space. Now is the time when my tummy will grow very fast as well, cause baby is stretching every now and then.. I can totally feel the stretch...! The feeling is so amazing.. Also, every night I'll get daddy chua to talk to baby chua.. :)

We can't wait for the birth of baby chua. We have gotten his name ready even.. See! We are really eager! haha.. Till then!!

• baby chua•
23 November 2013

I think it's time for me to announce. And I suppose most friends out there knows the big news that I've been keeping for the past three months. Though I didn't really keep mum for the three months because I always ventilate my feelings, therefore many guesses came about. 

I'm glad baby chua is 12 weeks old now, healthy and kicking. Gender really doesn't matter to me and hubby. Because all we hope for is a healthy baby. But of course if it is a girl, I know I can dress her up beautifully like a princess. Many of my friends are guessing that it will be a boy. With lots of myths telling us that it will be a baby boy. Well, on my next Gynae appt, hopefully we'll be able to know the gender. :D

Many people has been asking how I knew I was preggy. And for all I know, mine wasn't the typically 'realized I miss my menses' sort of thing. I first suspected my pregnancy when I literally fainted at home- in the toilet after shower. I was lucky that the moment I felt the room spinning, I sat down on the toilet bowl and right beside me was the basin. So I lean my head on the basin. For all I know, seconds later, I blacked out. 

My blood pressure was constantly low that week and I suspected something wasn't quite right. Half way through work the next day, I went to staff clinic when doctor suggested to check my urine. All thanks to Farlin, who happened to be around on shift tt day, knew what's going on. I was then given a memo to make an appt to the Gynae. 

The symptoms during the first phase was totally horrible. I vomit, I diarrhea, I have got totally no appetite and has to bed bound for 4 days. I later then, was having issues with my gastric. I had a history of hyperactive gastric and was on long term gastric meds. The hormonal changes in my body during these period brings back my gastric problem. It was really torturing. I have been hugging different toilet bowls in the public, facing different toilet bowls almost everyday. The vomiting is really bad. I was dying to see my Gynae at that point of time because I don't know what medication is safe for pregnancy. The appt to see Dr Devandra, then, needs to wait for 5 weeks and I surrender! I picked private in the end because I could be attended immediately. I was born in Mount Alvernia and mum used to tell me about the good service there. On top of that, Alice give me a good recommendation to one Gynae in Mt. A and since then, I have been follow up at Mt. A. 

So when I first realized abt my pregnancy, I'm only 3 weeks preggy. And every Gynae appts have always been the happiest moment in our life. And I'm really blessed that hubby has always been with me all the time, and he will drop what he is doing to fetch me home if I wasn't feeling well at work. 

I am currently still hoping that the symptoms get settled as I'm going into trimester 2 next week. Over these 12 weeks, I have known baby chua a little better each time. I know what type of food baby chua likes and hated the most. And talking about food, my taste buds really change totally. Some of my favorite food, lucky thing, are still my fav food. But the taste of some food, has totally change and I never like touching those food again. There's really a lot of changes that I am still adapting to. 

I am super grateful that my mum has been really caring ever since she knows about my pregnancy. She's the one who has been doing non stop research to get the right tonic for me. Ever since my wedding, I've make a point to go home every weekend to stay over. And mum will prepare tonic for me. She even came out with a timetable for it. I'm really touched every time I go home. And ever since I head home every weekends, sis has been the chef for my Sunday breakfast. She will whipped out nice dish for us and we will chase HK drama series together! I really feel like a princess at home. With all the attention on me, I felt being dote on. 

• website launched•
18 November 2013

Ever since I started working in LIFE, I was given a big project to work on. I was suppose to work it out with my supervisor, who has been super held up starting up her new Transplant clinic in SGH. I ended up handling this project all on my own... 

I was given the opportunity to revamp LIFE Centre's website. The old website hasn't been an informative webpage for our viewers and Dr Shanker has been wanting to revamp it. Ever since I came on board with LIFE, I was thrown to coordinate with the IT personnel, and webpage designer of SGH. A lot of communication and a lot of back end work to do. 

I'm glad that after 8 months of working in it, plainly all by myself with the full cooperation with my colleagues, the website is finally launched! A new look with lots of information on our website now. Go google 'SGH LIFE Centre' to check out what my clinic does. :)

• spill it out•
26 October 2013

I know I haven't been writing for quite sometime. I actually wanted to write my post only 3 months later but today, the feeling of blogging comes again.. So here it is..

Life pretty much change a lot for me. i have put a lot of my favorite past time to a stop. My weekends photoshoot, my meet up with friends, my late night movie with hubby, my shopping trips, my life, totally change 360. There only one reason why it change. I now only spend my time at home, resting, watching tv, eating and very much lazing around the house doing nth. Not that I wanted, but my health is at stake. Have been bed bound on and off. Visits to the doctors became super common and frequent. BUT I know what happen to me. And I know I'll be fine. I've made many friends worrying so much for me, but all I can do is to reassure you guys that I'll be fine. 

I've ever since become very emotional, and much more temperamental. I believe I'll be forgiven for behaving like that. 

I remembered I had a client, who leave me a very deep impression of him. Before he came to the clinic for his appointment, he was yelling at me over the phone, clarifying his appt that I've made for him. I know he is a difficult client to handle. And till today, he is so far, the only client whom I shared so much about my personal life with. We manage to build a good rapport and I realize he is not as difficult to handle as I initially thought. Thanks for your concern Sir. I hope you will, also, recover very soon...

• 8th•
29 September 2013

I've been away from photography for nearly 2 months due to wedding prep and also post wedding tiredness. I randomly selected one of my photo submitting for a local branding product's photography competition- Rexona Singapore. I submitted in August I think, and the draw date was in Sept 22. 

Submission were rather different from my previous photography competition. Last time was straight from computer, but this time round? It's Instagram! Rexona creates a hashtag page on #domoresg for participants to hashtag their photos into the page. And there, I did as instructed. 

Within a week from the closing date, I receive a reply message from @rexonasingapore that my photo has been selected as the winner. I remembered I was attracted by the prize and therefore join the competition. The grand prize is a iPad mini and one year supply of rexona. Of course, I'm attracted to the iPad mini. Though I already have one, but having one more exchange more cash flow for me. 

So after getting the reply that I won, I was still wondering if I won the iPad mini. I wasn't sure how many people are selected as the winner. After I clarified, I then knew I was the ONLY winner out of the 300 over submission. How lucky I was?! For the 8th award I won so far, I am definitely more comfortable with my progression. And I'm getting nearer towards my goal this year! Work hard Anna! 

PS: I'm physically restricted now to further my photography journey, but I'm not giving up!!! 

• Lately•
20 September 2013

It feels like it's been so long since I properly blog about life? Getting very tired recently. I supposed its due to the wedding preps. But it's really funny because no matter how early I turn in the night before, I still feels damn fatigue to start the morning. Like really sleepy the whole day. Like I don't know what else I can do to boost my energy level. 

I recently bought my 6th lens, 28-300mm. I really need this wide range lens for my upcoming event shoot and travel trips. It's really useful to have a wide range when you know need to keep changing the lens. I got it at a friendship price of $930. And I'm going for LIFE Centre Symposium for the first time. Tomorrow at Orchard Hotel. My role? Event photographer. I'm grabbing opportunities to shoot. And this is the first event I shoot post wedding. I need to get back to shoot. I've missed out on moon cake festival and the F1 fever! And I've not submit any photos for any competition for the past 1 month. Gotta get back to life again. 

• Mrs.•
14 September 2013

It's day 2 of being Mrs. Chua.. Entering into my next phase of life. Wedding was a success, and I'm really thankful for all the helps by my brothers and sisters, not forgetting our close friends. Thanks to Kelvin and Kathleen ( from RENATUS) for photographing and videoing my lovely life event. they have done an EXCELLENT job! Thanks to shiyun, who have been doing all my make ups and hairdo since my pre-wedding shoot till actual day, making sure i am the glamorous girl of the day. Thankful for all the well-wishes from friends and family. I'm glad the wedding is finally over, because this is one of the most challenging event I've ever planned for. Really not easy... 

There are many things to adapt, such as calling my in-laws father-mother instead of uncle-aunty. Adapting the roles as a wife and adapting with married lifestyle. Although I've no idea what life ahead will be for Ray and I, I know we will be working harder for the unknown future. 

Now that wedding is over, it's time to look forward to our honeymoon, happening in 98 days. Can't wait to go New Zealand!! :) 

PS: hubby and I were reading my blog post, that I posted in Nov 2007(the day we first met), last night. It brings back a lot of memories and laughter thinking back about my thoughts i felt towards him. Those promises I made back then, ohhhh... Hilarious! I will, still, continue to blog and maybe one fine day when we dig out to read again, we will continue to laugh and reflect back on our life... :)

• apple•
02 September 2013

one more apple product into my gadget list. Manage to buy iPad Mini at only $9. Thanks to StarHub, I re-contract my mobile plan with the use of the $100 voucher that was given to me, I got my iPad mini..! 

It's quite ridiculous when I found out that iPad mini can send out messages but cannot install whatsapp. But still, I prefer holding an IPad than using Samsung galaxy.. Now I can view my photos with slightly bigger screen!! 

The reason why I stick to Apple product when majority of the people has changed to Samsung system, that is because Apple still provides the best screen when you use to view photos. And I really need the accuracy of the colors. So I'm still an Apple supporter. Time being, there are still a lot of upgrading for my camera gears first before I can purchase my MacBook.

After holding my galaxy tab for 8 months, and with not much use because I can't share the same apps as my iPhone, I managed to sell it off at $200. I'm still making a profit! Isn't it awesome? Happy with my iPad mini now. With the new red color skin that I bought as well.. :)

• NLP•
30 August 2013

Everytime when I looked back on how I met Ray in the past, the cake, the chemistry, the moments and those emotions, I always smile to myself. Because I know I made the right person in my life, and he is the Mr. Right. 

My life has change a lot ever since I met him, and I really mean i change A LOT. In the past, I was a perssismistic person who always have negative thoughts in life- 'I can't do this, I won't make it there..,etc'. After I get to know him, my life changes. He taught me and still teaches me how to be positive in life and pushes me to go towards my dreams, doing what I enjoy doing most. He is my biggest supporter in life, my encourager.

Ray is a very hardworking, in terms of work. He is a workaholic. But in person, physically he is pretty lazy. haha..  The enthusiast he displayed when he is at work, makes him sowing what he yield and that's results. Though I don't consider that as successful, but he is working very hard to be there and I believe one day both of us will be very successful.

He was introuduced to this program called Neuro-Linguistic Programming during his learning process as a Real Estate Agent. And of course, being the one closes to him, I got to know about this program as well. All the while, I have been hearing him mentioning about NLP, NLP.. But I don't really get the whole thing about what NLP is, until last night I hear it for myself... And this is the course that hubby always wanted me to study together with him...

So last night, we made our first step attending one of the free session on NLP, spoken by Cayden Chang. The class was very interactive, fun and realistic. And I'm really happy to have met Cayden. It's only 4hrs of talk last night, and I know I can learn a lot from him. BecAuse I have big dreams to fulfill, I know his skills on NLP can help me to where I want to be. And for those who have not heard of NLP, or are curious what is it, google it. :)

So last night after the talk, I signed up for it. Because I have a goal in life and I want to reach my goal... Courses starts next year February... Till then.. 

• Thrill•
28 August 2013

A sudden thrill that makes me turn so crazy just now. I guess I'm so overwhelm by the whole wedding thing and every time when I'm out with hubby, I just totally went insane.. The feeling is so funny. Pretty hard to describe. 

The thrills that easily makes me feels happy and I'll be imagining how to wedding will turn out to be, and the next moment I'll found out myself smiling to myself. I supposed this is the excitement that's been happening. 

Like this evening, after work, I met him, head to town with a simple dinner, watched The Internship and laugh our arses off and head back home.. Everything was so easy and simple but everything thrills at the same time..

Alright, it's ok. this isn't a proper post. Those feelings in me are way beyond words can describe.. Goodnight peeps!

PS: can't imagine what's gonna happen in 2 weeks time...

• dix-sept jours•
26 August 2013

Enfin, je vais me marier en seulement 17 jours. Je ne peux pas attendre pour venir ici ...


25 August 2013

For yesterday and today, Suntec City Convention Hall was occupied by nikonians, who showed up during Nikon Day. It's my first time attending Nikon Workshops and its definitely a fruitful two days for me. The professional photographer of Nikon came down to give talks on different genre of photography. And just two days, I picked up 6 courses. 

These courses are very motivating and inspiring for me, seeing how people put in a lot of hardwork, and still enjoying what they love doing. Had photo session with my Mentor and my lovely classmate, Siew Yian...

more photos with siew yian and I'm still waiting for her to send it to me... 

• Exhibition•
17 August 2013

Head down to Orchard Ion basement 4 from 16/8 to 20/8 and you will see the photography exhibition of National Geographic: Buildinging People. Go spot my photo there!!!

When I thought I only have one photo selected to be exhibited, I happened to found another one..

• Carry on•
13 August 2013

I'm real lucky.. Prolly the marriage bringing a lot of luck to me lately. I've won another photo competition. This time round, back to back!! Alright I won't be posting the winning photo here, just go to my FB and you will be able to see. Back to it, I joined both category for PMET June Contest and to my surprise I won both category! 

Though I didn't win first prize, both merits under the amateur category was good too. That few hundred bucks comes in pretty useful during these period of time. Have been spending a lot for wedding preps and I'm glad I'm earning from the competitions I joined. 

Erm, what else should I say? Right now, I guess I'm giving photography a short break, about 3 weeks break. Gonna fully focus on the last bit of the wedding prep and making the final arrangements. Till then...

• Photo Exhibits•
07 August 2013

Another happy email received this evening. I was informed that my photo I submitted to join National Geographic photo competition, has been selected to be exhibited in Orchard Ion. This is one happiest moment! Everyone knows how tough and high expectation Nat Geo is, in selecting their photos. Though none of my photos won any prizes this time round, but having it selected to be exhibit is also a great thing! 

The email that made my day..

Dearest friends, 

Do drop by Ion from 16-20th Aug to find my photo exhibited there.. 

This is the picture selected by Nat Geo..

• 40!•
03 August 2013

Counting down, it's 40 days to our wedding. Boy and I have been busy preparing for this special day. It's really tiring, but I really enjoy the process. I'm glad things and plans are going on track. And there's a few things more to settle before the day comes.

I'm very grateful to have hubby by my side all the time when it comes to making decisions. Be it the big decisions like what hotel to pick and what gown to wear, to the smallest things like what color shd the ribbon on the card be.. I mean, many a times, I've seen the girl being the ones planning, and the guy will be the spender.. But that doesn't happen in ours. We go through every process together. From his parents to my parent, from the most important thing to the least important. What more could I ask for? 

Let's continue to count down.. :)

• Sharing is caring•
29 July 2013

       ( Photo Credit by: Andrew JK Tan)

So after yesterday's sharing session at Gardens By The Bay, I've gotten a lot of insights. Being just a 10 month old photographer, people look upon hard work, and the exchange for me during yesterday's sharing session was motivation and determination. 

This is a stepping stone for me. A platform that allows me to be able to share my knowledge that I've learnt over the months with many others out there. And I'm glad that I was given this opportunity. It was a golden opportunity, really! I really thank Andrew about tt. 

With that, I'm even much more motivated doing what I really love, and I know what I really want. And even much determined to strive it. Just my 5-cent worth of advise to my readers, hard works really pays off. It does not just involves with working hard, but also sourcing for opportunity and room to strive into. For opportunity don't always comes to you, we go find them. And when you know it's right to do it, go for it. Compare to no one, but to yourselves. To reflect how you've done yesterday, and improve today. 

The greatest support I've gotten is Ray. The one who has been pushing me mentally and the encouragement and praises. Without him, I might not be where I am today. Thank you boy, for all the understanding given to me.. 

With that I shall end my post here. 

PS: Today is a special day. As I am going to the next tier in photography. Good luck to myself and I really hope I'll get this position! 

• Photography Talk•
25 July 2013

Yes, I am going to give my EVER FIRST photography talk this coming Sunday at Gardens By The Bay. You didn't see wrongly.. Yes, I am going to give a talk to public. Anyways, all thanks to Andrew. 

After joining his page in Facebook: 'Mentorgraphians', members are allowed to post photos in for critique or members can critique others and give opinions. This way, helping many beginner to learn more skills in photography. I was approached by Andrew to give a talk to share my macro skills and to share with the mentorgraphians. I promised him few months back, and now it's time for the action. The response for people signing up for the talk is great. I'm hoping for a full house. 

With me, my mentor in macro, Peter and my sister in photography, Siew Yian, will be part of the speakers as well. I'm feeling pretty nervous yet excited to give my first talk in public, photography related. Hope everything goes well... :)

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